Grad Transition

Students can access the online form by logging into the Student Secure Web (SSW),, and clicking the menu option “Post Secondary Institutions Selections”.

Resources – Web Links for Students

▪Students should use this as a guide when writing a bibliography.

▪The goal of this site is to provide all the necessary tools for students to conduct research and to present their findings.

▪The national and international voice of Canada’s Colleges and Institutes

▪Past Provincial Exams and Keys

▪Username – sd79student     ▪Password – learning

▪Details regarding online learning, academic advising and tutoring services

▪Students access this site to work with their online learning courses

▪Explore your post-secondary options in BC

▪ACE IT is an industry training program for high school students.

▪BC Dogwood Planner

Bullying Tool

erase | Expect Respect & A Safe Eduction

Have you seen or heard something that concerns you?

Is someone or something bothering you or your friends at school?

The erase|Report It tool lets you send a secure, anonymous and confidential message to your school or school district’s safe school coordinator, who will follow up on it right away. You do not have to provide your name unless you want to.

Messages are only monitored during your school’s operational hours. If this is an emergency please call 911 immediately.

If you see or hear something, say something!

Visit the erase website to find resources for students, parents, and educators related to student safety, sexual orientation and gender identity, mental health and substance use.

Anonymous reporting tool for students at: