User Accounts



The following instructions explain how to change your user password from the assigned district default.

It is recommended that staff and students reset their passwords as soon as possible for greater security.

Once these steps are completed you will have created password reset security questions and updated your user password in our Active Directory.

The password change will impact the following services you access:

  • PaperCut for printing
  • OwnCloud
  • WiFi access students
  • WiFi access staff (later in the school year no changes at present unless your school has been notified and trained)
  • Office 365

*Email passwords are still managed through the webmail system as a separate directory and will not be changed by following these steps.


Create Your Security Challenge Question

  1. From a network in an SD79 school or district building navigate through a web browser on a computer or tablet to
  1. Account Setup:
  • Click MyAccount option
  • Enter your current Username and Password – click login
  • You will need to create a min of two security questions (3 is recommended)
    1. Select a question from the drop down on the left, provide an answer and click “Add” or on the right side enter your own question and answer and click “Add”
  • Note: Questions and Answers will appear on bottom left of the screen once added
  • Sign out by tapping the link at the top right of the screen.

Changing / Updating Your Password

  1. Click the Forgot My Password option.
  1. Enter your username – click next on lower right
  1. Answer your security questions you provided in the Account Setup
  1. Enter your new password – click finish

If you require support with this process or are having difficulties please contact Technology Services:

Email:                                    Phone: 250-748-0321 ext 217