School Fees


School Fees 2020/2021

The Board of Education reviews fees for schools and academies every school year. The School Act section 82 permits a Board to charge a deposit for educational resources. Boards may also charge fees for materials, supplies, equipment and instruments not considered educational resource materials. Schools may charge deposits for materials given to students and provide refunds upon return.

Standard District Fees

  • Graduation Fee (basic cost): up to $60
  • Student Activity Fee for Secondary Schools: $25

Covers the costs of guest speakers, school events and activities, student recognition, student leadership, celebrations, and lockers.

Specialty/Certification Fees

Materials and equipment beyond that which is necessary to meet the required learning outcomes.

i.e. woodworking: upgrading from pine to oak for a particular project. Certification fees for courses such as Food Safe and First Aid are charged at a cost recovery basis. Please contact your child’s school to confirm fees/upgrade costs.

Specialty Value Added PE Courses

Fees range from $150 to $300 per year depending on program expenses, for example:

  • Rock Climbing $175
  • Ice Hockey $300
  • Field Hockey $200
  • Soccer $300

Please contact your child’s school to confirm fees.

Academy Fee

  • Frances Kelsey Hockey Academy Fee $1325 per

Refundable Deposits

Refundable deposits will be collected for educational resource materials such as textbooks, reusable workbooks and novels. Refunds will be issued once students have returned the educational resource materials.

In some secondary schools the refundable textbook deposit is applied to the graduation fee unless otherwise specified by parent(s).

Secondary School         Textbook Deposits

Chemainus Secondary                               $25 (refundable)

Cowichan Secondary                                 $25 (refundable)

Frances Kelsey Secondary                        $25 (refundable)

Lake Cowichan School                               $25 (refundable)

Quamichan School                                     $25 (refundable)

Alternate Ed Programs                              N/A

Distributed Learning K-12                        $50 (refundable)


Where financial hardship exists that would prevent student participation in a curricular or co-curricular activity, fees will be waived. Fees and deposits will not become a barrier to participation in required activities or programs as per Admin Procedure 506 – Financial Hardship.