Grad Transition

Students can access the online form by logging into the Student Secure Web (SSW),, and clicking the menu option “Post Secondary Institutions Selections”.

Resources – Web Links for Students

▪Students should use this as a guide when writing a bibliography.

▪The goal of this site is to provide all the necessary tools for students to conduct research and to present their findings.

▪The national and international voice of Canada’s Colleges and Institutes

▪Past Provincial Exams and Keys

▪Username – sd79student     ▪Password – learning

▪Details regarding online learning, academic advising and tutoring services

▪Students access this site to work with their online learning courses

▪Explore your post-secondary options in BC

▪ACE IT is an industry training program for high school students.

▪BC Dogwood Planner

Bullying Tool

Premier Clark, in November 2012, announced the launch of the confidential online student anti-bullying reporting system built and hosted by Edudata.  You can visit this website at